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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a platform for students who are preparing for their 10th std. board exam. We provide online tests to increase your knowledge and help you to become a MERITWALE. In short we are a modern age practice platform to make your practicing or studying at home more interesting and effective. For more details you can check what we offer in each course of our website to get a clear idea of our test series.
A ‘KIT’ is our product. When you purchase our product we deliver you your ‘KIT’ which consist your unique Login ID and password through which you can login to your personal account and use our services.
We offer courses for 10th std. students of Maharashtra State Board Pattern. Students can choose their second language option between Hindi/Sanskrit
  1. English Medium (Hindi/Sanskrit)
  2. Semi-English Medium (Hindi/Sanskrit)
  3. Marathi Medium (Hindi/Sanskrit)
At present we are only working for Maharashtra state board pattern.
Yes, we work for Marathi Medium and Semi English medium as well.
Counselling plays an important role for both parents and students. In counselling session we provide a counselor who helps parents and student to understand the 10 std pattern of exam , how to study for the same , what tricks and study method to be used in order to score high in the final board exam. Parents get an idea on how to measure the child’s performance and act as a support system for them. Students get help from counsellor on how to step by step study for each subject and score merit rank in the board exam.
Counselling plays an important role for both parents and students. No, We don’t charge anything for counselling sessions its totally free .
Parents/Guardian and student both should be present for counselling.
Counselling helps student to understand the study pattern and score excellent marks in in Final Board Exams. Counselling is very much important for parents also as it makes them understand how to involve in their children’s studies and career.
Meritwale works on basic principle “Practice makes you perfect”. We at meritwale have made sure that all the chapters, topics and even sub-topics for each subject are covered in every test. We at Meritwale shows student’s how well he has performed through multiple graphs that are updated after every test in the portal. Through these graphs the student can see how well he is performing and in which field or subject or chapter they need to improve. That’s how Meritwale make sure that student should not only practices for his exams but also keeps on improving.
We offer solution to all the problem that occurs to students while practicing at home. We have designed the Questions papers by expert faculty which is difficult, at the same time necessary for understanding each chapters and topics. You can practice with us anytime anywhere. Even parents can see their children’s progress on their portal. And we are always happy to help our students and even their parents anytime. You can check our features in details on our website.
We don’t teach or provide any video lectures nor we have any live sessions with teacher. We just make you practice what you have already learned in your school/Institutes. And for practice we provide question paper for every subject of 10th standard for the following courses.
  1. English Medium (Hindi/Sanskrit)
  2. Semi-English Medium (Hindi/Sanskrit)
  3. Marathi Medium (Hindi/Sanskrit)
Meritwale aims at collaborating with institutes and helping them to make their practice test easy and hustle free with us. We want institutes to just focus on their lectures and teaching part. And their testing part will be handled by us professionally. To know how we do it, you can check about it in detail on our website.
You can buy Meritwale Kit/product in two methods:
  1. Offline Method
  2. Online Method
For this method you will have to contact us on our customer care number and option out for a counselling session. Then a counsellor will come at your home and will provide you all the details regarding our Kit/Product and board exams. After explaining and making your all doubts clear, the counsellor will provide you a Kit/Product that will consist your Unique Login ID and Password through which you will be able login into our portal and use our services. Once your ID is activated you can pay our counsellor for the product through Cheque, Cash or Cards.

Note: No extra cost are added for product explanation or counselling sessions.

You can simply go to our website click on COURSES and the click on BUY. Once the payment is complete you will get your Unique Login ID and Password through which you will be able login into our portal and use our services. The subjects that are covered are shown in every course. You can check before buying. If you need any assistant you can contact us on our customer care number.

Note: Be appropriate while choosing courses it has variant with second languages such as (Hindi/Sanskrit)